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Not getting the due payment from your customers on time can be frustrating, especially because chasing down delinquent accounts costs both time and money. That is where Vital Solutions can help you. We are a commercial debt collection agency with two decades of business debt collection experience under our belt. We can help you with B2B debt collection while retaining customer relationships.

We are an expert in business debt collection services and have earned a reputation as a commercial debt recovery agency. As a leading first-party and 3rd party commercial collection agency, we can offer your company multichannel and multilingual collection services. We have the experience, expertise, and technology to ensure a complete collection for your organization.

Commercial debt collection is focused on collecting B2B debt on behalf of our client from another business. We’re a top-performing third party collection agency with highly skilled staff. As a result, our average collection success rate is way higher than what can be achieved in-house. In addition, our professionals utilize in-depth research and state-of-the-art collection tools to gather insights to improve collection and recovery efforts. At Vital Solutions, the combined collection effort yields unmatched financial success for the clients.

Features and Benefits of Commercial Debt Collection Agency

What Makes Vital A Distinguished B2B Debt Collection Agency

Dedicated and experienced
Experienced B2B Debt Collection Agents

We have a strong team of experienced business debt collection experts who can ensure 100% recovery while delivering a positive customer experience.

Dedicated and experienced
Automated Digital Message Support Programs

Our standard commercial debt collection process includes sending automated notices and messages to your delinquent account holders as warranted.

Dedicated and experienced
Prime Time Calling

As a commercial debt collection agency, we specialize in prime time calling along with 2-3 days’ follow-up for your Early-stage business debt collection services

Dedicated and experienced

Our skip-tracing technology corrects bad phone numbers, increases right party contact (RPC), and minimizes delinquency rolls. It, in turn, increases your bottom line.

Dedicated and experienced
Quality Assurance

Our stringent quality assurance procedures help us ensure 100% quality assurance, complete with call recording and scorecard ratings. In addition, each of our interactions is compliant with the regulatory standards.

Dedicated and experienced
Results-Oriented Payment Options

Our self-cure and web-based payment solutions help your customers make prompt, convenient payments in guaranteed forms, eliminating the administrative charges associated.

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