Improve Your Credit Card Debt Collection with A Robust Recovery Approach

The credit card industry has experienced enormous growth over the last few years. Interestingly, as the industry continues to grow; more consumers fail to pay their dues on time, resulting in many delinquencies for credit card companies. Failure to collect such delinquencies can turn into bad debt. Credit card companies can hire credit card debt collection agencies to stay delinquent-free.

At Vital Solutions, we help you recover your delinquent accounts with end-to-end multichannel credit card debt recovery services. We’re a nationally-licensed debt collection agency; we have the experience, strategies, and technology to contact, negotiate and collect payments, irrespective of the age or stage of your delinquent accounts.

Our efficient and customized credit card debt recovery efforts enhance your profitability. Our company utilizes the latest tools and technology, allowing us to ensure both early-stage and late-stage delinquency collections. As a multilingual, multichannel credit card debt collection agency, we have the latest tools, technology, and infrastructure. These allow us to ensure both early-stage and late-stage delinquency collections in a timely and FDCPA– compliant manner.

Early-Stage Delinquency Collections

Late-Stage Delinquency Collections

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Customer Service

Our Superior quality omnichannel and multilingual customer service ensures better customer satisfaction across each touchpoint help your business better cater to the ever-changing customer needs and expectations, ensuring a better CX delivery during the early and late-stage credit card collection phase.


First-Party Collection

Our goal-driven and compliant first-party debt collection services to increase revenue by ensuring the highest recovery from your delinquent credit card accounts. As your debt collection partner, we ensure a significant increase in your cashflow and an improvement in your CX delivery.


Digital Solution

As a reputed digital transformation solutions provider, we offer end-to-end digital transformation services to enhance operational efficacy using automation, AI, and ML. Our digital solutions can help you minimize operation cost and human errors and improve customer communication and collection performance.

Features and Benefits

What Makes Our Credit Card Debt Collection Services Stand Out?
B2B Debt Collection Agents

Experienced Credit Card Collection

We have a dedicated team of experienced credit card debt recovery experts who work towards ensuring 100% recovery while delivering a high-quality customer experience.

Automated Digital Message Support

Quality Assurance

We ensure 100% quality assurance for all our credit card collection calls, complete with call recording and scorecard ratings. As a result, all our calls are compliant with the regulatory standards.

Prime Time Calling

Prime Time Calling

As a credit card debt collection agency, we specialize in prime time calling and follow-up within 2-3 days for your early-Stage credit card collection.



We use skip-tracing technology to correct bad phone numbers, increase right party contact (RPC) and minimize the delinquency rolls. Also, our first contact resolution strategy helps us increase your bottom line.

Quality Assurance

Results-Oriented Payment Options

We offer dynamic self-cure and web-based payment solutions to enable your customers with a way to make prompt, convenient payments in guaranteed forms.

Results-Oriented Payment

Automated Digital Message Support Programs

Our standard credit card debt collection process involves sending automated notices and messages to your delinquent credit card account holders as warranted.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A credit card debt collection agency will negotiate a mutual settlement to resolve your outstanding balance. The debt collection agency will remit the fund, and the account gets settled with no further balance due.

    Avoiding credit card debt collection may lead to a lawsuit against you. On the other hand, failure to pay debt may lead to legal compliance; however, if a debtor cannot agree, it's best to seek help from the collection agency or negotiate.

    Till six years from the last payment, a debt collector has the right to collect. However, after the period ends, a debt collector may no longer come after and sue you for an unpaid balance. Meanwhile, a consumer may inadvertently restart the old debt; as a result, the six-year period can start all over again, even when a significant part of the time gets lapsed.

    The credit card company may close the account if a debtor continues not to pay. The issuer may eventually sell the debt to a collection agency. Your account gets reported as past due to the credit bureaus. Reporting can significantly affect credit scores. Meanwhile, depending on the collection agency, they may add a late fee.