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The Fintech industry is changing the financial services industry rapidly, offering credit and debit card services, mortgage, and other financial services at the click of a few buttons. However, as the industry continues to grow, so does the number of consumers who fail to pay their dues on time, resulting in many delinquencies for fintech companies. If not collected at the right time, such delinquencies can lead to bad debt. That is why fintech companies today are hiring finance debt recovery agencies for timely and compliant fintech debt collection of such delinquent accounts.

With 20 years of experience in finance debt recovery and collection, Vital Recovery Services can help you recover your delinquent accounts through end-to-end multichannel debt recovery services. As a nationally-licensed finance debt recovery agency, we have the experience, strategies, and technology to contact, negotiate and collect payments, regardless of the age or stage of your delinquent accounts. You can improve your profitability by hiring us as your financial debt collection agency through our efficient, customized first-party and third-party recovery efforts.

As a multilingual, multichannel financial recoveries collection agency with an expert fintech debt collector team and the latest tools, technology, and infrastructure, we can effectively ensure timely and FDCPA-compliant finance debt recovery while delivering superior customer service.

Feature and Benefits of Fintech Debt Collection Agency

Why Vital Is the Right Outsourcing Choice for Fintech Debt Collection

Dedicated and experienced
Propriety Software and SSAM

Our unique proprietary software, Score and Skill-based Assignment Module (SSAM), immediately segments and aligns your customers with collectors best suited for the account’s unique characteristics to bring about resolution more effectively.

Dedicated and experienced
Skip Tracing Technology to Increase RPC

Our skip tracing technology makes connecting with your previously “unreachable” customers easier, improving the effectiveness of automated letters and increasing Right Party Contacts (“RPC”). When combined with “first-call resolution,” the strategy helps increase your bottom line.

Dedicated and experienced
Web-Based Payment Solutions

Our dynamic self-cure and web-based payment solutions enable your consumers to quickly and conveniently make guaranteed forms of payment, eliminating NSF’s and administration costs associated with handling payments.

Dedicated and experienced
Experienced Multilingual Agents

We have a team of experienced debt collection agents who have in-depth knowledge of the credit card debt recovery industry. Our multilingual agents can quickly build a rapport with your customers and help them repay the debt through timely and accurate credit card debt recovery solutions.

Dedicated and experienced
Quality Assurance

As an experienced financial debt collector, we record each interaction with your customers and evaluate them using our proprietary quality assurance software. It allows us to audit 100% of calls and ensure better CX and compliance adherence.

Dedicated and experienced
Prime Time Calling

We prioritize prime-time calling and calling on weekends to ensure maximum customer contact. This, along with our focus on First Contact Resolution (FCR), results in the faster collection.

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