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The fintech industry is transforming. Consumers now expect full-swing credit cards and debit cards, mortgages, and other financial services at a click. Unfortunately, while the industry grows at its pace, consumers equally fail to pay their dues; as a result, it leads to delinquencies.

Poor cash flow results in bad debt. Fintech firms must partner with financial debt collection companies to ensure a timely and compliant collection process. Vital Solutions is a leading fintech debt collection agency. We’re a nationally licensed debt collection company providing end-to-end multichannel debt recovery services.

Our advanced collection approach helps improve your profitability. We provide an efficient, customized, and compliant collection strategy. Get in touch with us as we deliver superior customer service.

As a multilingual, multichannel financial debt collection agency with an expert fintech debt collector team and the latest tools, technology, and infrastructure, we can effectively ensure timely and FDCPA-compliant finance debt recovery while delivering superior customer service.

Our Services


Customer Service

We offer flawless customer service across all communication channels to ensure better customer satisfaction across all customer touchpoints - even during the collection phase. Our multilingual multichannel customer service can help your Fintech company better cater to your customers’ needs.


First-Party Collection

We offer result-oriented and compliant first-party collection services to maximize revenue through optimum recovery from your delinquent accounts while also ensuring a high-quality CX. With us as your Fintech debt collection partner, you can see a significant increase in your cashflow.


Digital Solution

As a well-known digital transformation solutions provider, we provide end-to-end digital transformation services to boost operational efficiency using automation, AI, and ML. Our digital solutions can help you reduce operation cost and human errors and streamline customer communication and collection performance.

Features and Benefits

Why Vital Is the Right Outsourcing Choice for Fintech Debt Collection
B2B Debt Collection Agents

Propriety Software and SSAM

Our unique proprietary software, Score and Skill-based Assignment Module (SSAM), immediately segments and aligns your customers with collectors best suited for the account’s unique characteristics to bring about resolution more effectively.

Automated Digital Message Support

Skip Tracing Technology to Increase RPC

Our skip tracing technology makes connecting with your previously “unreachable” customers easier, improving the effectiveness of automated letters and increasing Right Party Contacts (“RPC”). When combined with “first-call resolution,” the strategy helps increase your bottom line.

Prime Time Calling

Web-Based Payment Solutions

Our dynamic self-cure and web-based payment solutions enable your consumers to quickly and conveniently make guaranteed forms of payment, eliminating NSF’s and administration costs associated with handling payments.


Experienced Multilingual Agents

We have a team of experienced debt collection agents who have in-depth knowledge of the credit card debt recovery industry. Our multilingual agents can quickly build a rapport with your customers and help them repay the debt through timely and accurate credit card debt recovery solutions.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

As an experienced financial debt collector, we record each interaction with your customers and evaluate them using our proprietary quality assurance software. It allows us to audit 100% of calls and ensure better CX and compliance adherence.

Results-Oriented Payment

Prime Time Calling

We prioritize prime-time calling and calling on weekends to ensure maximum customer contact. This, along with our focus on First Contact Resolution (FCR), results in the faster collection.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The growing business trend in the fintech sector has focused on increased revenue flow. Introducing a fintech debt collection agency for your collection process can help you initiate your payments keeping the cash-flow healthy.
    It's crucial to hire a fintech debt collection agency if the client disappears and stops to respond to phone calls, emails, or invoices. Also, you need to take the assistance of a collection agency if the address or number needs to be validated.
    A professional finance debt collection agency sends an acknowledged letter to each client on the submission of accounts. In addition, our protocol dictates that collectors contact clients within 72 hours and provide a complete update on all the recently assigned accounts.
    Many states in the U.S. require debt collectors to be licensed. However, a debtor may always check the information the caller provides with the state attorney general. The state regulator may assist in understanding whether or not a debt collection agency has the right to collect.