Improve Debt Recovery Rate Through Healthcare Debt Collection Services

The healthcare industry has evolved rapidly to overcome the recent unprecedented challenges. While the industry grows beyond the traditional healthcare model, venturing into the foray of telehealth, there are challenges when collecting consumer payments. Lack of proper management of your revenue cycle may make you lose payment. In addition, any leading healthcare debt collection agency can help you overcome such challenges and improve efficiencies.

Our company provides a smooth healthcare debt collection service. We’re a reputed firm with long-term market experience. Meanwhile, the agents have an in-depth understanding of payer billing rules, audits, recoupments, appeals, denials, and more. Meanwhile, our state-of-the-art technology and expertise help maximize revenue collection.

A typical revenue cycle consists many steps, including claims generation, payment posting, insurance collections, and many more. We ensure that each of the steps is seamlessly executed to ensure 100% medical bill collection through our healthcare debt recovery services. Our expertise, multichannel collection approach, and commitment to compliance adherence make us stand out as a healthcare debt collection agency in all states.

Our Services


Customer Service

Enhance your CX delivery with our omnichannel and multilingual customer service that is designed to ensure superior quality customer service across each touchpoint by improving how you cater to your patients’ needs and expectations.


First party Collection

We offer timely and compliant first-party collection services to maximize revenue by ensuring optimal recovery from your delinquent accounts. With us as your first-party debt collection partner, our patient-focused and compliant approach can significantly increase cashflow can boost CX delivery.


Digital Solution

A popular digital transformation solutions provider, we offer integrated digital transformation services to improve operational efficiency using automation, ML and AI. Our digital solutions help you minimize operational cost and human errors while improving patient communication and collection performance.



We offer revenue cycle management services to help healthcare providers recover all your earned dollars. With us as your RCM partner, you can ensure error-free claim and maximum recovery of your hard-earned revenue.

Features and Benefits

What Makes Vital A Distinguished Medical Debt Collection Agency

B2B Debt Collection Agents

Experienced Collections Staff

We have staff dedicated to make a complete medical billing collection as a part of our healthcare debt recovery services. They are motivated individuals, trained to ensure that all stages of your revenue collection are executed seamlessly.

Automated Digital Message Support

Commitment To Patient Experience  

We ensure flawless patient experience by experienced professionals during the collection phase. This increases your retention rate and help you earn customer loyalty.

Prime Time Calling

Minimal Denial Rate

Our impeccable claim processing and submission often leads to approval at the first attempt. It significantly minimizes the denial rate.


Quality Assurance

We ensure 100% quality assurance through the representative scorecard, monitoring, and call recording. In addition, our quality assurance software ensures 100% call audit and real-time feedback.

Quality Assurance

Automated Digital Message Support

Our standard medical collections services involve sending automated notices and messages to the patient. It often results in fast claim processing and better revenue cycle management.

Results-Oriented Payment

Results-Oriented Payment Options

Our dynamic self-cure and web-based payment solutions enable your patients to quickly and easily make guaranteed payments.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Paying a medical bill for a few days can affect your credit score. A medical bill affects the credit score when the medical collection agency gets involved. It's best to initiate payment in order to lower credit scoring.

    When a healthcare debt collection agency contacts you, you must;

    • Understand the costs
    • Ask if you to make monthly payments on medical bills
    • Ensure the medical provider proves that you owe
    • Make payment arrangements as soon as possible
    • Compare medical bills

    Paid medical collection debts will no longer come up on the credit score. Earlier, healthcare debt could appear on credit reports after six months; this timeframe has now been extended from six months to one year, allowing consumers to address their debt before it goes to the credit reports.