Accounts Receivable Management Services to Maximize Debt Recovery

In today’s competitive businesses need to effectively use their existing capital. Optimizing their working capital can deliver more than enhanced operational efficiency. It also offers your business the added liquidity it needs to fund growth, reduce debt levels, lower costs, maximize shareholder returns and even outperform its competitors. With the right provider of accounts receivable management services, you can ace the cashflow challenges and facilitate business growth without focusing solely on your debt collection efforts.

While most businesses have formal accounts receivable policies, not all businesses enforce those policies. To prioritize sales, businesses often extend credit to customers, offer discounts or ignore payment terms if it means winning new sales. However, if the management fails to optimize their working capital, it may lead to poor financial performance. By outsourcing your debt collection needs to the proper accounts receivable management company, it is possible to improve your business’s cash flow and build better customer relationships.

Vital’s end-to-end AR Management services enable your organization to focus its valuable workforce and resources on core accounting tasks rather than on managing collection activities. We provide service levels that exceed industry norms in several KPIs, including Right Party Contact (RPC) rate, Collection Effectiveness Index (CEI), and Account Receivable Turnover Ratio (ART). In addition, our expertise in implementing best practices for optimization helps our clients considerably improve their cash flows and working capital position quickly.

Industries We Serve


We offer omnichannel AI-driven AR Management services to help our Fintech clients recover their working capital. Our first-party accounts receivable services are designed to maximize collection for your fintech business.



The BFSI sector needs to improve its accounts receivable management strategies to enhance its profitability. As a reputed AR Management company, we offer omnichannel and multilingual credit card debt collection solutions for better recovery.



We cater to the accounts receivable management needs of the automotive sector through compliant first-party debt collection service across different channels while helping them ensure a better customer experience.

Benefits and Features

What Makes Vital Your Account Receivable Management Partner


Dedicated And Experienced Workforce

We have a team of experienced accounts receivable management experts who ensure the recovery of every dollar you have earned.

Prime Time Calling, Call Recording and Scorecard Rating

With our stringent quality assurance procedure, we can ensure 100% quality assurance, along with call recording and scorecard ratings. In addition, all our communications are compliant with the regulatory standards associated with your industry.


In-House Mail Shop And Statement Integration

With our in-house mail shop, we can send direct mail and automated e-messages to delinquent accounts to ensure faster and more accurate communication that makes our accounts receivable services more effective.



Our skip-tracing technology corrects bad phone numbers, increases right-party contact (RPC), and minimizes delinquency rolls. As a part of our accounts receivable management services, this technology can also help us increase your bottom line.


Results-Oriented Payment Options

As an accounts receivable management company with 20+ years of experience, we offer dynamic self-cure and web-based payment solutions to enable your customers to quickly and easily make guaranteed payments.

Order Processing

Automated Digital Message Support Programs

Our standard accounts receivable management services include sending automated messages and notices to your delinquent customers as warranted. By increasing right party contact (RPC) through skip-tracing, we can increase the effectiveness of these emails and improve your bottom line.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Suppose the invoice is 90 days past due. In that case, you can provide Accounts Receivable (AR) along with your due diligence attempts to your customer with a request from your accounts manager to initiate the collections process. The customer will receive a letter informing them they have 30 days to pay before the accounts is turned over to any third-party collection agency. After 30 days, if the invoice remains unpaid, the customer will receive another letter stating that their accounts has been officially turned over to collections.

    When you outsource accounts receivable services to a reputable ARM company, you can ensure a superior customer experience while also streamlining your collection efforts and maximizing recovery the compliant way. It will also help you offer better customer satisfaction. Vital can help you focus on your core activities and facilitate business growth.

    Vital has centers in the USA, Jamaica, and the Philippines, enabling us to have onshoring, nearshoring, and offshoring capabilities. Therefore, we can offer you the perfect right-shoring solution for your accounts receivable management services.