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Enhance Your CX Delivery with Call Center Outsourcing Services

Customer service is the key to business success. While top-notch customer service delivery you can turn your customers into brand loyalists, a few instances of poor customer service can make your customers jump the ship and opt for your competitors. It is an integral aspect of customer experience management, which is a major business differentiator.

As a state-of-the-art outbound and inbound call center outsourcing partner, we can help you deliver a superior customer experience that boosts customer retention and customer loyalty. Our personalized, empathy-rich customer support allows us to offer prompt and accurate solutions to your customers, improving their satisfaction rates. With us as your customer service outsourcing company, you don’t have to worry about poor CX, unresolved issues, delayed response, financial mismanagement, and customer attrition.

In our 20 years+ experience in the call center outsourcing industry, we have gained knowledge, skill, and resources that can help you cater to your customers’ changing needs and expectations while adhering to the industry compliances. Our tailored customer experience management solutions combine a perfect blend of manpower, research, technology and analytics, paving the way for impeccable customer service and effective collection.

Industries We Serve



As a multilingual customer service outsourcing provider, we offer a wide range of customer support functions to our healthcare clients while adhering to industry compliances. We offer customer service via voice, email, chat, text and more such communication channels.



We offer omnichannel customer service in multiple languages to help our telecom clients deliver a superior customer experience and earn better customer loyalty.


Travel and Hospitality

As a well-known call center outsourcing provider with vast experience in the travel and hospitality industry, we offer omnichannel customer service in multiple languages round the clock to ensure a superior CX delivery.



The BFSI sector needs to improve their customer experience management to better cater to their customers and members. We offer omnichannel and multilingual call center outsourcing solutions to help them improve their customer service delivery and CSAT scores.


Retail & Ecommerce

With a vast experience in the retail and ecommerce industry, we offer superior customer service via voice, email, chat, text, social media and much more in a variety of languages, ensuring a better customer experience delivery for our retail and ecommerce clients.


Utility and Energy

We cater to the customer experience management solution needs of the utility and energy sector through omnichannel customer service delivery round the clock in a variety of languages, ensuring better customer satisfaction and improving customer loyalty for our utility and energy clients.

Services We Offer


Customer Care/ Helpdesk

From BFSI to Utility sector, every sector has its unique customer service challenges. Our omnichannel and multilingual customer service and helpdesk solutions are specially designed to cater to the unique customer communication needs of each industry.


Patient care & Member Support

As a leading outsourcing customer service provider in the healthcare sector, we offer superior patient care and member support via voice, chat, email, text and other communication channels while adhering to the industry regulations.


Complaint Management

As a part of our customer service and customer engagement offerings we provide complaint management services to our clients. With our prompt service and high first contact resolution (FCR) rate, we turn the most negative experiences into positive ones.


Escalation Handling

We have experienced and knowledgeable agents who can efficiently handle an escalation and provide your customers with prompt and accurate solutions, ensuring a better customer experience.


Customer Retention

Our prompt and high-quality personalized customer service ensures an exceptional CX delivery, which results in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in improved customer retention and increased revenues for your business.


Tech Support

We have certified engineers in our L1, L2 and L3 tech support teams. These tech support experts help us quickly resolve any tech-related issues or challenges your customers are facing while using your products or services.

Omnichannel Customer Support



We offer high-quality call center outsourcing support via phone, ensuring a better customer engagement and satisfaction.


Email Support

Our email support services help you to better engage with your customers while offering them in-depth answers to their queries.


Live Chat

Our tech-enabled live chat services improve customer engagement and customer satisfaction while also enhancing customer experience.


Social Media

Our social media customer service allows our clients to promptly respond to customers and answer customer queries on various social media platforms.

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