First Party Debt Collection


Improved Business Collection Through First Party Collection Services

Running an in-house collection process can be cumbersome. A low success rate is never an option regarding debt collection. Besides, there are constantly evolving regulations and industry standards; as a result, financial institutions, automotive, fintech, and commercial industries today outsource collection services to first-party collection agencies.

Our company acts as an extension of your firm and communicates with your customers in the company’s brand voice. We look after all the collections-related dynamics and focus on the core business. We adhere to regulations and industry standards. As a leading first-party debt collection agency, customer service and satisfaction are the final stage of our customer lifecycle.

Team Vital Solutions have long-term experience when providing collection services to its clients. We have deep domain knowledge, stick to updated regulations and industry standards, and have a nationwide license for performing collections as a first-party collection agency.

We run a multichannel multilingual collection approach with our state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. This helps us carry out debt collection operations seamlessly under your brand. In addition, we provide complete support in every stage of AR management, i.e., Cure stage, Early-stage collection, Pre-change-off first-party collection services, and more.

Features and Benefits

What Makes Vital Stand Out As A First-Party Collection Agency


Propriety Software And SSAM

Our proprietary software comes with a score and Skill-based Assignment Module (SSAM), allowing us to align the right customers with the right collectors based on the unique characteristics of the Account. As a result, it ensures more effective first-party collection.


Skip Tracing Technology To Increase RPC

Our skip tracing technology connects us to your previously “unreachable” customers, improves the effectiveness of automated letters, and boosts Right Party Contacts (“RPC”). When combined with first-contact-resolution (FCR), it helps us improve your bottom line.

Quality Assurance

Web-Based Payment Solutions

We offer dynamic self-cure and web-based payment solutions to your customers, enabling them to make quick and easy guaranteed payment, removing NSF’s and administration costs associated with payment handling.

B2B Debt Collection Agents

Automated Letter Service

A vital part of our standard collection process includes sending automated notices to your delinquent account holders as warranted. As a first-party debt collection agency, we ensure that the language and tone of the letters carry a professional representation of your brand.

Automated Digital Message Support

Quality Assurance And Compliances

Ensuring 100% quality assurance and compliance adherence in each communication is something we take pride in. As a 1st party debt collection agency, it helps us ensure that your Accounts receivable management is done according to regulatory standards and first party collection laws.


Experienced Multilingual Agents

Our team of experienced multilingual debt collection agents can quickly build a rapport with your customers while working as an extension of your team and ensure prompt and effective debt recovery.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The first party collection includes collecting late payments under the client's branding before the account becomes delinquent. The 1st party debt collection agency attempts to recover money from consumers that owe creditors.

    As per the FDCPA, creditors and first party services are excluded from coverage as they are not termed as 'debt collections. Credit card debt, auto loans, medical bills, student loans, mortgages, and other household debts are covered under the FDCPA.

    A collection agency cannot discuss the debt with anyone but the debtor or the spouse. The debt collector must contact the attorney when an attorney is representing. Meanwhile, a collector may contact others when finding out your address, home phone number, and where they work.

    Many states require debt collectors to be licensed. A debtor may always check the information the agency provides with the state attorney general. The state regulator may be of assistance when understanding whether a debt collection agency has the right to collect.