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Ensure Better Recovery Through Third Party Debt Collection

Most companies these days face several challenges while trying to recover their delinquent accounts. These include diminishing cash flow, shifting focus from your core operations, changing regulations, challenges in tracing the debtors, and much more. Sending those delinquent accounts to a third party collection agency compliant with the evolving regulations and the latest technology standards can relieve the burden from your staff so that they can focus on the core business.

Since 2002, Vital Solutions has earned a name as a compliant third party debt collection for our clients. Our expert, third party debt collectors help our clients recover their much-needed funds while delivering a superior customer service.

We have a unique combination of stringent compliance, innovative Technology, top-tier data security, four-level quality assurance, thorough agent training, and a consultative collections approach. It helps us provide custom 3rd party debt collection and recovery solutions that deliver improved processes, reduced costs, increased cash flow, decreased bad debt write-offs, increased recoveries, and protection of your customer base. That is what makes us a preferred third-party collection agency for our clients.

Features and Benefits of Third Party Collection Services

What Makes Vital Stand Out As A Third-Party Collection Agency

Dedicated and experienced
Propriety Software And SSAM

With our unique proprietary software, Score and Skill-based Assignment Module (SSAM), it is possible to immediately segment and align your customers with the collectors who are best suited for the unique characteristics of the account, ensuring more effective resolution.

Dedicated and experienced
Skip Tracing Technology To Increase RPC

We have skip tracing technology to connect with your previously “unreachable” customers, improving the effectiveness of automated letters and increasing Right Party Contacts (“RPC”). In addition, our penchant for first-contact-resolution (FCR) helps to increase the bottom line.

Dedicated and experienced
Web-Based Payment Solutions

We have dynamic self-cure and web-based payment solutions that enable your customers to quickly and easily make guaranteed payment, eliminating any NSF’s and administration costs associated with payment handling.

Dedicated and experienced
Experienced Multilingual Agents

We have a team of experienced debt collection agents who have in-depth knowledge of 3rd party debt collection. Our multilingual agents can quickly build a rapport with your customers and ensure prompt and effective debt recovery.

Dedicated and experienced
Quality Assurance And Compliances

We ensure 100% quality assurance and compliance adherence in each of our communications as a third party debt collection agency, ensuring that your accounts are collected as per the regulatory standards.

Dedicated and experienced
Automated Letter Service

As part of our standard collection process, we send automated notices to the delinquent account holders as warranted.

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