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Boost Your Automotive Debt Collection Approach with Market-Proven Recovery Strategies

As the automotive industry grows, the auto finance industry grows with it. Studies show that more than 85% of new cars are financed. And in the wake of recent financial instability, a significant part of those financed accounts is failing to pay their dues on time, both in the case of prime and sub-prime loans. To recover these payments, it is better to outsource your automotive debt collection services to an expert automotive debt recovery agency.

With 20 years of experience in providing automotive debt recovery services, Vital can be your ideal choice for auto loan debt collection outsourcing. Our professional staff successfully services both prime and sub-prime loans for early-stage and late-stage automotive finance collections while maintaining positive customer experience and protecting your public image. Vital Outsourcing Services’ goal is to improve your profitability and raise your current service and performance standards.

We take pride in having the perfect combination of skill, experience, expertise, and technology to ensure maximum recovery of your debt. Our skip tracing technology makes locating and connecting with your previously “unreachable” customers a lot easier and improves the effectiveness of automated notices. We ensure increased Right Party Contacts (“RPC”) and collection and lower delinquency rolls.

Features and Benefits of Automotive Debt Collection Agency

What Makes Vital Your Automotive Debt Collection Partner

Dedicated and experienced
Dedicated And Experienced Automotive Finance Staff

We have a team of experienced automotive debt recovery experts who ensure the recovery of every dollar you have earned.

Dedicated and experienced
Call Recording, Scorecard Rating And Prime Time Calling

We have a stringent quality assurance procedure in place. We ensure 100% quality assurance, complete with call recording and scorecard ratings. In addition, each of our communication is compliant with the regulatory standards associated with car loan recovery.

Dedicated and experienced
In-House Mail Shop And Statement Integration

We have an in-house mail shop that allows us to integrate any statement. We can send direct mails and automated e-messages to the delinquent accounts.

Dedicated and experienced

Our skip-tracing technology corrects bad phone numbers, increases right party contact (RPC), and minimizes delinquency rolls. It, in turn, increases your bottom line.

Dedicated and experienced
Results-Oriented Payment Options

Our dynamic self-cure and web-based payment solutions enable your customers to quickly and easily make guaranteed payments.

Dedicated and experienced
Automated Digital Message Support Programs

Our standard auto debt collections process includes sending automated notices and messages to your delinquent account holders as warranted. By increasing right party contact (RPC) through skip-tracing, we can increase the effectiveness of these emails and improve your bottom line.

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