Revenue Cycle Management Services for Healthcare Companies

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services For Hospitals, Medical Billing, Physician Practices

For every Medical practice a revenue cycle starts when a patient schedules an appointment with your medical institute or hospital and ends when you receive the payment. While that sounds simple, there are certain opportunities where simple mistakes can make you lose your payment. That is why you need assistance from healthcare revenue cycle management companies that can navigate you through the entire revenue lifecycle and help you get complete payment without any hiccups.

With 20 years of experience in the healthcare collection industry, Vital Solutions can offer you high-level, hospital revenue cycle management solutions. Our expertise in healthcare collection encompasses an in-depth understanding of payer billing rules, audits, recoupments, appeals, denials and much more. This, coupled with our state-of-the-art technology and our expertise as a debt collection service provider can help you maximize your revenue collection.

At Vital, we understand that your revenue cycle consists of many steps that has to be executed perfectly. Therefore, we strive to ensure that each step of your revenue cycle, from claims generation, to payment posting and insurance collections, goes seamlessly to ensure the best return on investment. Our technology, experience, domain expertise and a multichannel collection approach are aligned 100% with the collection of every dollar you have earned. That is what makes us the RCM solution provider with a difference.

Benefits and Features of Revenue Cycle Management Services

What Makes Vital Your Ideal RCM Partner

Dedicated and experienced
Decreased Overhead

Minimize the spend on billing-related overhead and staffing. Significantly reduce your costs for billing and collections, and repurpose the money saved into improving patient care and operational best practices with Vital.

Dedicated and experienced
Improved Collections

We take pride in our medical billing and collections expertise, which ensures that a high percentage of your claims are successfully adjudicated on first submission and a low Denial rate.

Dedicated and experienced
Reduced Denials

We check and correct all your claims thoroughly before submission, which results in reduced denials. We do not leave any denials for future review and re-submission. Instead, we make the corrections needed immediately to re-submit and collect the claims.

Insight through Analytics
Insight Through Analytics

Our data analytics experts can analyze the financial data for you and provide quick and simplified financial reports that highlight key changes and important trends in your revenue cycle, facilitating fast decision making.

AR Management
AR Management

With our experience in account receivable management, we can help you reduce your unpaid debt and collect more money at the same time by leveraging time-tested AR best practices and a proven process to collect payments and reduce backlogs.

Dedicated and experienced
Updated Expertise

With regulations and industry best practices along with billing technology and solutions constantly changing, it becomes imperative for you to stay on top of all the changes. However, it is not possible for a hospital, medical institute or CBO to stay updated on all the changes as well as the changes in payer preferences. You can trust us, your revenue cycle management partner, and leverage our expertise and in-depth knowledge on regulations, technologies and payers, to maximize your collections.

Onshore (USA)

Get the best quality customer service and 1st party and 3rd party debt collection services by outsourcing to our onshore delivery center in the US.

Offshore (Philippines)

Gain cost advantage with high-quality debt collection and customer service outsourcing to our offshore Philippines center.

Nearshore (Jamaica)

Leverage cost and quality benefits by outsourcing your debt collection and customer service to our nearshore delivery center in Jamaica.

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