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The Right Outsourcing Choice For Your Business

With 20 years of experience in collection and recovery industry, Vital Solutions can be your ideal account receivable management partner. We are a full-service debt collection agency experienced in both first and third-party debt collection. In addition, as a nationally licensed debt collection agency, we can offer you end-to-end debt recovery services in English and Spanish.

We also offer B2B Debt collection services and other industry-specific debt recovery services. We are equipped with the latest technology and an experienced team of multilingual debt collectors. In addition, we have skip-tracing, automated messaging, quality assurance software, and a host of other latest technology to ensure better CX delivery and compliance adherence. 


How Do We Cater to Your Businesses Collection Needs

Dedicated and experienced
First Party Debt Collection

We offer full-service compliant 1st party debt collection services to clients from different industry verticals.

Dedicated and experienced
Third Party Debt Collection

As a nationally licensed 3rd party debt collection agency, we perform all stages of debt recovery in a compliant way on behalf of our clients.

Dedicated and experienced

We also offer healthcare recovery cycle management to help hospitals, COBs, and other medical practices recover their dues through medical billing collection.

Dedicated and experienced
Digital Solutions

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